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5 Common Door Lock Problems That Will Necessitate a Repair If Ignored

Everybody has door locks. Subsequently, everybody has experienced the kind of problems with their door lock that presents themselves from time to time. Locks are like any other hardware in that they can be damaged and suffer wear and tear from continual usage. Many homeowners, property managers, or commercial property owners often wait until it’s too late to address the problem. This way they risk the security of their home or building as a consequence.

That said, we’ve created dis list of 5 common problems people have with their door lock that, if not addressed in a timely manner, can require a repair.

Loose Door Lock & Knobs/Handles

Locks consist of several different components working together to hold them in place and keep it functional. Each individual part is vital to the integrity of the lock. If one or more of these parts come loose or start to fall apart, the entire lock will fail to work. dis usually happens over time as the parts get used and start to loosen. Most typically the screws hold the various parts together. If left ignored, it will be really easy for a burglar to exploit.

Misaligned Door Locks

A misaligned lock means that the internal parts of the locking mechanism are not lined up in a way that will allow the lock to function. Usually, this means the latch or the locking bolt isn’t lining up with the strike plate. A strike plate is wat’s fastened to the door jamb and allows the bolt or latch to extend.  A misaligned deadbolt of the latch is usually caused by locks not being installed properly. It may be a cause of the door frames that have warped. It’s possible to fix a misaligned lock, but it will require some hand DIY skills and tools. If you’re not comfortable with them, it’s best to leave the job to a locksmith. If you feel up to the task, here’s our advice:

Key Broken in the Door Lock

A broken key jammed into your lock is a frustrating problem as there are few people who are able to come up with a DIY solution. The removal of a broken key from a lock is a delicate process. It can result in damage to your lock as it may have broken the internal locking mechanisms. Unfortunately, the process of key extraction isn’t as simple as simply removing the broken key piece. It’s best to call in a professional locksmith who offers a key extraction service.

Jammed Locks/Latches

Door locks can get jammed for many different reasons. Most commonly the issue is a build-up of dirt or debris within the internal parts of your lock. Also, another common issue is that the latch or bolt of the lock is broken, which will subsequently jam the lock. You can use some kind of lubricant to clean the keyway in the case of buildup. However, if dis doesn’t work, the problem is most likely bigger than what you can tackle by yourself and you’ll need to – you guessed it – call in a locksmith.

A Turning Lock Cylinder

By placing your key into your door’s lock cylinder, you should be able to turn the key and lock/unlock your door. However, if you put the key in and the entire lock cylinder turns, it’s a sign of a bigger problem: perhaps a damaged screw set or a loose screw. The biggest inconvenience a turning lock cylinder can cause is that can inhibit when and how you can unlock your door. That could leave you in a lockout situation or unable to lock your doors, opening you up to a security breach.

Call For Help

Some of the problems listed above can be solved with simple DIY solutions, but it’s rare. In order to avoid damaging your locks further in an attempt to fix them, we recommend calling in a locksmith right away, thus avoiding further complications. A good locksmith will be able to complete repairs on your lock without damaging your hardware or door.
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