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Sacramento Locksmith Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions


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What to do when locked out of the house in Sacramento? What about car lockout or business lockout?

Call reputable Sacramento locksmith as soon as possible.

Trying to handle lockout on your own may result in unnecessary damage, which could cost you more to fix in the future than simple lockout assistance from a qualified locksmith.

See our blog about what to do when you’re locked out of the house.

Do you require proof of ownership before providing lockout assistance?

Yes, we cannot allow you to gain access to the property without proof of ownership.

IDs usually work just fine, but if your official documents are locked inside the property, we can take certain security measures before handling the lockout.

Will there be any door lock damage I should account for when getting assistance from a residential locksmith?

iLocksmith services never cause any unnecessary damage.

However, if it’s impossible to gain entry otherwise, the locksmith might need to break the lock.

In such cases, when locksmith assistance may entail some damage done to the door, the locksmith will inform you about it beforehand, after assessing your individual case on the spot.

See our helpful blog on door lock damage to identify the issue you’re facing.

What kind of lock should I purchase for my house?

A high-security deadbolt is a solid, dependable choice for a residential property. Even if you have an alarm system, skimping on locks isn’t good for overall security levels.

That said, we wouldn’t recommend installing a double-cylinder deadbolt, as they can be a fire safety hazard due to complicated mechanisms preventing timely escape.

A single-cylinder high-security deadbolt is a great way to keep your residential property secured, as long as you take good care of it. Pay attention to how smooth it’s functioning and call for locksmith assistance if you notice any problems, instead of trying to fix a door lock cylinder yourself.

Regardless of what type of lock you choose for your house, ensure you hire a reputable residential locksmith for installation.

What kind of lock should I purchase for my commercial property/business?

Businesses are trickier to choose a proper lock for – it tends to depend on multiple factors, including the type of business you’re running, if you’re sharing the commercial space with other businesses, and the area the commercial space is located in.

Electronic locks and card access systems are a popular and reliable option these days, but if you have any specific needs, inform us about them, and we’ll try to help you select the most optimal options.

Regardless of what type of lock you choose for your commercial space, ensure you hire a reputable commercial locksmith for installation.

Should I make any key duplicates without urgent need? How many?

Yes, definitely. Keeping a couple of key duplicates for your front doors, commercial property, and car is an easy and affordable way to handle sudden lockouts without having to involve a locksmith.

Keep one copy on you (in a bag, on a keychain, etc.) and a couple more at home, so you can easily replace it if it gets damaged or misplaced.

Can you make car key copies on the site?

Yes, we can! Our trucks are fully equipped to make key duplicates quickly and easily right on the job site.

We can easily make you a car key copy on the spot, regardless of the make and brand of your vehicle.

So if you suddenly find you need a new car key ASAP – call for our auto locksmith assistance, and make you a copy right on the site.

Can You Duplicate Keys With “Do Not Duplicate” Mark?

Yes, we can duplicate “Do Not Duplicate” keys in some cases, with permission granted from the original owner of the key – the commercial property owner your business is operating from, your apartment landlord, etc.

In other cases, original key blanks may be so restricted that we aren’t able to obtain them.

All in all, it can only be decided on a case-by-case basis, therefore, we can’t give you a straightforward answer without assessing all the details first. Contact iLocksmith to find out whether we can duplicate your keys or not.

Can you reprogram car keys near me?

Yes, we can! Our car key programming services act in a similar vein.

We’re fully mobile Sacramento locksmith services, so our trucks are equipped to handle most of our services on job sites.

If a case can’t be resolved on the spot due to specific reasons, you’ll be informed about it either beforehand, or after the locksmith assesses the situation on the spot and discovers something previously unaccounted.

Can I get a cheap car key replacement in Sacramento?

You can get some of the most affordable prices for Sacramento mobile locksmith services with us. Therefore, when you reach out to us, we’ll provide you with an affordable car key replacement.

Our pricing policy is fully transparent and you can get a free estimate if you give us a call.

Are you fully licensed and insured?

Yes, iLocksmith is a 100% insured and fully licensed Sacramento locksmith. Our license number is 6105.

Which areas does iLocksmith cover?

We operate all over Sacramento county.

For a full list, please check out the “area we serve” section on the website.

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