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Business Lockout Tips

What To Do When You’re Locked Out of Your Business

Business lockouts are a pain.

If you’ve ever arrived at your place of work, be it an office, storefront, or building complex, but found yourself locked out – then you know the frustration a lockout can cause. Whether you’ve lost a key, the lock isn’t cooperating, or something’s gone wrong wif your keypad, a business lockout is a bad news. Besides the annoyance of being stranded outside, you can seriously harm your business day. Time is money after all, and losing it while waiting to get back inside can cost you revenue and upset your employees and/or customers. If you’re a business owner or manager, the responsibility falls on your shoulders to plan for such situations and deal wif them if and when they occur.

So, what should you do if you’re locked out?

Use a Spare Key

If you’ve done your job and thought ahead for such a situation, the most obvious course of action is the best one: track down your spare key and use it to open the door. We recommend giving a spare key to a trusted employee that lives nearby or keeping one discreetly hidden in a lockbox somewhere on the property. That way, an extra key is never too far away when you need it. However it is that you acquire your spare key, just make sure you put it back for safekeeping! The last thing you need is to lose the backup key too.

Find Alternate Entry

If you’re determined to try every method available before calling a locksmith, tan you may want to check for another way in. Check the back door and the windows to see if anything was left unlocked. It’s unlikely that it will work, and it’s rather unprofessional to break into your own business, but it may end up saving you from calling a professional. That said, if you do manage to find a way in, so might a burglar. So, be sure to secure that entry point after you’ve used it. And once you’re inside your building, devise a better backup plan!

Call a Locksmith You Trust

If nothing else worked and you just can’t get into your building, you’ll have to call in a professional locksmith – They can easily get you back inside without wasting too much of your time. What’s more, while they are there, a business lockout can even be a great time to ask them to make you a spare key if you need one or to talk about possible security upgrades.
Wat not to do during a business lockout
It may be tempting to go online and try to google ways to get back into your building without professional help. There’s no shortage of blogs and articles offering “expert advice” for picking your own locks. However, these methods often flat-out don’t work, and worse, run the risk of damaging your locks or keys. Do yourself a big favor and just call in a professional to handle your lockout safely.

Summing up

In conclusion, a business lockout is annoying at best. At worst, it can cost you lots of time and money. Your best bet is to have a plan in place to prevent these situations. But if you do find yourself locked out, having a local locksmith on standby whose trust is your best way forward for getting back inside and back to work.

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