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Need Car Key Program Service? Here’s What You Should Consider

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Key Program Service

If you’ve gone to use your remote-controlled key device and it has failed to work, the chances are you will probably end up needing a locksmith for car key program service. Although a common term, you may be wondering exactly what key programming exactly entails.

Well, in order to fully understand this, let’s start from the basics.

Cars with keys that may need to be programmed are equipped with what is called an immobilizer. An immobilizer is an electronic device fitted into your car. It stops the engine from starting unless the correct transponder key is used. This essentially means that the car is that much more difficult to stolen or hot-wired. This was a system that came into place in the ’90s, before which, standard, old forms of car keys were used.

So, now you know why transponder keys are used – how do they work exactly?

Transponder keys work by means of an electronic microchip that is built into the key (or FOB). This transponder is configured to your car’s immobilizer system. One cannot work without the other. First, you insert your transponder key into the ignition. If the transponder corresponds to the specific code installed, the car will then start.

Newer versions of transponder-based keys consist of a remote key, which enables keyless entry and starting of the car engine.

So, what happens if the transponder inside the key or fob stops working?
If it seems your remote or transponder key has stopped working, this is when you may need to consider a key program service from a locksmith. Luckily, there are many locksmith services that can come out to your location. They carry a specialist programming machine to ensure that your car key is re/programmed correctly. This will cause as little delay as possible to your day or night.

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