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Residential Locksmith in Sacramento


iLocksmith is one of the premier residential locksmith service providers in the Sacramento area. As a licensed (License number: 6105) and insured local locksmith in Sacramento with a reputation for quality service, residents all over the city trust us to help secure their homes.

As a homeowner, your number one priority is the protection of your family and property. We know this better than anyone and commit ourselves to find the right lock and key solutions for your family’s unique security needs. If the security of your home has been compromised due to a lock or key issue, don’t wait to fix it! We understand the absolute necessity of home security and the anxiety it causes when things are off.

We operate 24/7 and come to you for any service you require, right on your doorstep! Our mobile unit is always equipped and ready-to-go, whenever you call.

  • Lock Replacement
    If you’ve moved into a new home, given out one-too-many spare house keys, or are recovering from a burglary, you’ll need to rethink the security of your home. A great safety measure you can take is replacing your locks. It doesn’t have to be a huge hassle, just call iLocksmith and let us handle the change.
  • Key Extraction
    If you’ve snapped your key in the door and need help removing it, give us a call. We’re trained to safely extract keys without incurring any damage to your lock.
  • Lock Rekey & Master Rekey
    If you’re looking for a cheap but effective security upgrade, consider rekeying your locks. That is, changing the internal parts of your locks so they’ll accept new keys. It’s faster and cheaper than changing the locks – a great option for upgrading your home security with minimal effort and cost. A master rekey is similar. However, instead of re-configuring one lock for s a new key, we do it for numerous locks. That way, you’ll only need one key to access all of your locks at home!
  • Lock Repairs
    iLocksmith can easily come out and complete a lock repair for you at home. We can complete all types of standard lock repairs, for all types of locks! A lock repair not only requires specialist tools, but also the knowledge of how to use them! We will arrive with all of the equipment and skills needed to complete your residential lock repair, whenever you need it.
  • Fresh Installation
    Any professional locksmith knows that having the right locks is the first step in planning for the security of your home. iLocksmith can help you both with selecting and installing the best locks, anywhere you require them: front and back doors, windows, desks, cabinets, safes, etc…

Experienced, Licensed Residential Locksmith Service

Not only can we come out to you and complete all of the above-mentioned residential locksmith services, but we can also do so to an expertly high quality. Furthermore, we are entirely licensed and insured. This means that we have been approved by the state of California to perform locksmith services. This way, you know you are set to receive a high-caliber service from us, all at great prices!