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residential lock rekey


Are you interested in a residential lock rekey for your home? Then give iLocksmith a call! We’re a local mobile Sacramento locksmith providing the city residents with a wide variety of house locksmith services. We know home security, so when you’re ready to upgrade yours by rekeying your lock(s), just give us a call.

We operate 24/7 all over the city and can come out to your location to perform each job. Our complete mobility allows for the greatest convenience for you. Don’t hesitate when you need us – we won’t hesitate to help!



A lock rekey means that we work with your locks so that they require a different key. We do this by going into the lock itself and rearranging the internal parts. These parts, called pins, must all align a certain way when you insert your key into the lock. By changing the pins’ arrangement, we change how they align, meaning your lock will need a new key to operate it.




Great question! The answer is because rekeying your locks is a simple, cheap upgrade with big security benefits. It takes only a few minutes to complete but can give you great assurance that only select people can get into your home. You don’t always have to change your locks entirely. Instead, you can simply rekey them! You might want to consider a lock rekey if you find yourself in any of the following situations: - You’ve lost one or several house keys - You are unsure of exactly who has a key to your home - You’ve broken a key - You’ve moved into a previously owned home