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What To Do In Case Of A Safe Lockout

Safe lockout can be a very stressful experience. Safes are a great security accessory to have in your home. They’re perfect for providing storage for those assets that need further safeguarding: precious jewelry, important legal documents, quantities of cash, etc…Whatever is it you need that extra bit of protection for, a safe is a great option. They come in all shapes and sizes these days with various methods of entry – you have a wide variety of choice when it comes to finding a reliable, hard-to-access means of storage.

However, as a safe owner you may find that you regret those top of the line high security features in the event that you accidentally lock yourself out. If you’ve forgotten or misplaced the combination, or lost the key, things can seem pretty bleak. Safes are made to withstand attempts at forced entry, which is a headache when you’re locked out.

Fortunately, you don’t have to break out a stethoscope or try your luck at lockpicking in order to get back inside your safe. You have options.


There are few steps you can take in case you want to prevent a safe lockout. If you’ve got a combination safe, keep the number written down and stored somewhere in case you forget it. Alternatively, make the combination something easy for you to remember (but not too obvious to burglars.) If you use a key to unlock your safe, keep a well-hidden backup around the house for a lockout situation.

Contact the Manufacturer

Depending upon the manufacturer of the safe, you may be able to contact the maker of the safe and see if the have the original combination. Going this route may take some time and require you to prove your identity. However, it will save you from having to call a locksmith or destroy your safe.

Override the Lock

An override feature is common in small safes that have electronic keypads. If you own the kind of safe that you might see used as a hotel safe, there’s a chance it has an override feature, being that these safes are intended to have their combinations reset. There’s often a standard factory code that allows you to reset the safe without having to open it. The combination is most commonly made up of repetitive zeros (the number of which varies, but is often the same number as the safe’s combination length.) It shouldn’t be too difficult to find this information if you have the manufacturer and model info of your safe.

Call a Locksmith

Most people, when they experience a safe lockout, will end up calling a professional locksmith. They simply don’t have the time to go through the manufacturer or they failed to find or use an override feature. Calling in a locksmith is almost always the best and fastest option. Why? Because we have the knowledge of how safe locks work and how best to get them open:


Safe manipulation is what happens in the movies when characters have to crack the safe. Often with nothing but their ear to the door and bit of finesse, they’re able to turn the dial and open the door. But unlike in movies, the trick isn’t having a stethoscope or being savvy. It’s about having the knowledge, training, practice and talent. The chances are you don’t. But your local locksmith does! As long as your safe has a combination dial, we can try to manipulate it to open it. Manual combination locks are able to be manipulated without harming the safe.

When simple manipulation isn’t enough, there are forms of manipulation that do minor harm to the safe, but don’t require it to be replaced. With these methods, a hole may be drilled into the safe. Then, tools or probes can be inserted inside to manipulate the bolt or locking mechanism on the door. This method does leave a hole, but most people still won’t know how or have to tools to exploit it in order to access your safe contents.

Violent Entry

People who need access their safe RIGHT NOW won’t have time for the methods mentioned above. In this case, a locksmith will have to gain access to their safe by means of violent entry. These means damage the safe far too much for it to be usable again and are not safe for you to try yourself at home.

If you are experiencing a safe lockout and need help getting back in, give iLocksmith a call. We’ll get it done!