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Locked out of house tips

What To Do When You’re Locked Out of House

Lockouts are annoying, but they happen to everyone

Almost everyone who owns or rents a home or apartment has been locked out of house even once. Even the most responsible person is prone to losing a key. If you have a family where multiple members have a key, then your chances of someone in the house experiencing a lockout are increased.

But lockouts don’t just happen when keys go missing. If there’s something wrong with your key or your lock (be it your standard lock & key hardware or more modern and high tech) you can get locked out due to malfunction. Whatever the reason for your lockout, everyone can agree: getting locked out of house is a huge pain. It’s important to have a plan in place and to make sure that everyone in the family knows what to do should a lockout occur.

So, what are your options when in a house lockout?

Use a Spare Key

It probably goes without saying, but the very best option available to you when you’re locked out is using your spare key. Of course, this isn’t applicable if you haven’t thought ahead and make a spare, but for those who have, it’s your best bet for getting back inside quickly. We recommend placing a copy of your house key in a discreet location somewhere outside your house, perhaps in a lockbox. Even if several members of your family have a copy of the house key, they may not always be close by or available to come to help you out in your lockout emergency. That’s why it’s smart to stow away a backup key in case of emergencies.

Check for an Another Entry Point

If you don’t have a spare key around and want to try out out every option before calling a locksmith for help, you can check around your house for another way in. Check the back door, garage door, or windows to see if anything’s open. It’s a long shot, but it just might save you from having to call in a professional locksmith. Of course, if it does happen to work, you’ll need to make sure to secure that way in because if you could find it, so can potential burglars!

Call a Locksmith You Trust

If you didn’t have a spare key and there was no other way into your house, you’ll need to call a locksmith over to your house. A good professional locksmith will be able to come to your home, pick your lock and get you back into your home without causing any damage to your locks or door. Most will even be able to make you a copy of your key right there on the spot. We recommend finding a local locksmith you trust before any emergencies happen and keeping their number saved to your phone so you don’t waste time looking for help.

What To Remember When Locked Out Of House

There are a couple of things to remember during a lockout emergency that will help you avoid making the situation worse:

  • Don’t Panic!
    It’s important not to panic when in a house lockout. It’s a frustrating situation, sure, but it happens to everyone at some point and there are plenty of people standing by to help you. If your friends and family can’t help, there should be a trained, local locksmith in your area who can come to your aid.
  • Don’t Attempt to Pick the Lock Yourself
    Perhaps maybe the most important piece of advice to remember during a lockout is that if you don’t have a spare key, leave the job to the professionals. There are plenty of articles and “experts” on the internet willing to exploit people in lockout emergencies for clicks. Believe the professionals when they say trying to pick the lock yourself most likely won’t work and can damage your locks to the point of needing expensive repairs or replacements. Trust us – just don’t do it.

In Conclusion…

The best way to handle a lockout is by preempting it! Make a spare key and keep it around for such a situation. However, if you don’t have access to a spare, then the best thing you can do is call a professional locksmith for help.

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